Episode 30 - Conversations with Kirstin Schumaker

Today's Conversation is with Kirstin Schumaker

Kirstin is a Board Certified Structural Integrator who specializes in freeing myofascial restriction of nerves and vasculature, with the goal of helping clients to enjoy moving with greater comfort, ease, and agility. Her gentle and specific work can resolve longstanding issues with posture and function. She has studied in depth with several masters, and has a deep appreciation of the science and art of manual therapy. Kirstin is a Certified Teacher of Anatomy Trains Structural Integration and she offers advanced training for manual therapists and structural integrators through her Anatomy Trains supported courses in Neurovascular Release.

Today we chat about her path that brought her to where she is so far, what is neurovascular work and why is it so important and she shares a few examples of the work.

Kirstin is our first and hopefully not last Anatomy Trains trained guest, how exciting to broaden our field.

You can find out more about Kirstin and her neurovascular work at agilebodysi.com

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