Episode 24 - Conversations with Brooke Thomas

Today's Conversation is with Brooke Thomas.

Brooke works in a variety of ways to teach about how to cultivate a relationship with our bodies, and therefore with our being, and how that can have a profound positive impact on an individual and collective level. At its core, her work is a lived inquiry about what it means to shift out of a mental/conceptual lens and into an embodied/experiential lens. This shift truly changes everything about how we meet ourselves and the world. 

She is a Realization Process teacher who works with clients one-on-one as an embodied coach, and does group work within the online embodied practice community, Liberated Being. She was a Rolfer in private practice for 20 years prior to this work.  

She has run two podcasts, Liberated Body which is now beginning again under the name Liberated Being, and Bliss + Grit, which she co-created with her friend Vanessa Scotto. 

In today’s conversation we talk about the Liberating Being community, her podcasts, social media/reality online personas, embodied coaching, client's "anatomy pop-quiz" and knowing when it's time.

You can find more about her work at www.brookethomas.me and www.liberatedbeing.community

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